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Peter Säuberli

A native of Switzerland, born in 1930, Peter lives in the town of his ancestors. His secluded house, a building round as a tent and filled with light, is perched above the village. Mentally, I refer to him as "The Old Man of the Mountain". Having studied art in Germany, Peter is acclaimed well beyond his region. Peter is multitalented and is foremost a goldsmith, then a painter, a poet, a humourist and finally, a pianist .

In his watercolours and drawings, Peter is often inspired by the music he listens to during the evenings, interpreting the sounds he hears directly onto paper. Peter would claim his artistic duty is to create anew and to clean up the chaos that man has created since his eviction from Paradise.

Peter maintains that the first line on pure, virginal paper destroys its beauty, creating chaos, and it is the artist's job to continue to bring about harmony. His is a life in search of true form. It is important for Peter that his pictures evoke the freedom to inspire his own thoughts, rather than be imposed on by the mind of the artist.