About The Bürgin Collection

Daniel has a great respect for artists, particularly their dedication to create something that outlasts. In this collection, Daniel has included the work of present day artists and craftsmen and women who focus on their art and craft more than themselves; people who, through their dedication, have woven their passion into the fabric of their art and craft. Each is a personal friend, because of who they are, because of what and why they craft and because of their vision and passion.

This never abating interest in functional quality, in collectibles small and large, inexpensive and dear, provides access to a world without horizons. This holds true for Daniel's passion for unique collectables from a bygone age of things Japanese. 

It all started with Daniel's own writing, which to him, seems a thousand years ago, which eventually is nothing else than a collection of words. Then followed the collecting of books, then prints, and eventually Japan where he spends most of his time and collects most. As years went by, he discovered that some of his friends across the globe are artists and craftsmen and women in their own right. Some by profession, some by hobby, all by calling. He hopes to introduce them, their works and Daniel's own collectables to a larger community.


NOTE: Bürgin Collection is a licensed art dealer in Japan, regulated by Tokyo Metropolitan Police, License No. 304411705787